Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kimba Girl

Here's Kimba as I completed her. This was a great project and I'm sure my grandson will be thrilled. He sees me painting all of these other animal portraits and I'm sure he's been wondering when I would paint Kimba.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Left Handed Portrait

Now this is a new twist for me.....I'm having hand surgery soon so I started this portrait of my grandson's dog, Kimba, with my left hand. I actually surprised myself.......it's a very awkward but if I take my time I'm quite happy with the results.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Dog Portraits

These two dog portraits have been created just this past week.....the dog in the truck is "Kirby" and the dog looking up is "Nellie". Contact me via e-mail if you would like me to do one for you!!!! I hope your holidays are full of joy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've photographed the completed painting of the Denver Airport myself and am hoping it shows more of the details. It will be shown at the Denver Airport in the PRI office (Provenzano Resources, LLC)....it's located in East Terminal - Center Office Area on the upper level across a hallway from Panda Express. It's a corner office with frosted glass windows. If you happen to be in the airport and have the time I hope you will stop by to see it.....I will also have another four or five paintings in their office. I will be delivering them this coming Saturday!.......unless it snows again!!!! Click on the photograph to enlarge it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

August 5th First Friday Art Event

Drop by Mid-Mod & More on Friday August 5th for First Friday's One Woman Show - Marlene Feinholz. Bring your friends and family ... we'll be celebrating our Grand Opening, too. (click on the card above to enlarge)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Buster and Leon

I have had a great time painting "Buster" and "Leon".......I will miss their portraits in my studio once they've left the building!!!!! Buster will be shipped to Oregon and Leon to Nebraska. I enjoyed bringing them to life!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Painting of quote by Apollinaire.......

There is a quote by Apollinaire that I have liked for a long time.

"Come to the edge," he said. "I can't, I'll fall off," she said.
"Come to the edge," he said. She came. He pushed her and she flew.

I decided to include this quote within one of my paintings.